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Minimum delivery order applies

5 Main Street

Southborough, MA

(508) 481-6511

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50 Points

45 Days to use each reward from the time it is awarded

$5 Reward

$5 Reward

$15 Reward

$15 Reward

$20 Reward

100 Points

200 Points

300 Points

400 Points


How do I become a member of the S.H.O.P. Rewards Club?

There are two ways to become a member:

  1. 1)Click here to login/register

  2. If you already have an online account with us, login, verify your phone number, and select
    the “Sign-Up” button

  3. If you are new to our website, select “Register” and create an online account; this can also be
    used for Online Ordering

  4. 2)Speak with any of our team in store or call us at (508) 481-6511, and we’ll sign you up!

You receive 25 points just for signing up!

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Do my points expire?

Your points never expire.

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How does the Rewards Club work? How do I earn rewards?

Overview for our Rewards Program                                                                     $1 = 1 Point

Points never expire, rewards are awarded as soon as you reach the required points at each point
level as shown above. Points are cumulative.

  1. For example, once you gain 50 points, and gain the $5 reward, the points do not reset to 0, you must then earn 50 more
    points to reach the next reward and 100 points after that to gain the 200 point reward. Only after you gain 400 cumulative
    points does your point balance reset to 0, then the points and rewards begin again.

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How do I use my Rewards Account?

Before you place/pay for an order in-store or over the phone, mention you have a rewards account.
We will look up your account and apply it to your order. We will also inform you of any current
unused rewards (if any) to apply to your order.

If you are ordering online and have already signed up your online account for the Rewards Club, then
your rewards account will automatically be credited for any points. You will also find any current
unused rewards (if any) before checkout.

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Do I get a Rewards Card? How will you know my account?

No, we identify each person’s account by either their rewards phone number(s) or e-mail address.
Once we locate it, we can inform you of your current point balance and current unused rewards (if any).

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When do I earn points?

Points are earned on the subtotal of a regularly priced order (cannot earn points on discounted orders).

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How do I check my points & rewards?

Each time you earn points/rewards we can present you with a receipt.
At the bottom of the receipt there will be:

  1. Points earned that day

  2. Rewards earned that day (if any)

  3. Total points

You may also see your rewards/points history by clicking here and logging in.

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When do my rewards expire?

Each reward expires exactly 45 days after it is awarded.

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Can I use two or more rewards together?

There must be at least one item for each reward used. There is no limit to how many rewards may
be used on an order.

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Can I use Rewards with Coupons or other Discounts?

No, rewards may only be used on regular priced orders.

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Can I transfer points between accounts?

No, points cannot be transferred between accounts.

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Can I combine accounts?

No, accounts may not be combined.

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I forgot to tell my server I was a Rewards Club Member, can I still get points for my order?

Yes, you may bring in your itemized or credit card receipt within 30 days of the purchase date and
we will add the points to you account. We cannot add orders made before you became a member.

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Can I apply part of a reward to an order?

No, only the full amount of each reward may be applied to an order. The subtotal of an order must
be at least the amount of the reward you would like to use.

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Do I still get points when I apply my Reward(s) to my order?

You will not receive points on any items that rewards have been applied to. Points will be awarded
for any other items on your order.

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I have a new phone number; how do I change it for my rewards account?

Visit us at the store or call us at (508) 481-6511 and speak to a member of our team.

Currently your rewards account phone number(s) cannot be changed online.

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I have a new e-mail address; how do I change it for my rewards account?

If you already have an online account with us, click here, login, select “My Account” and scroll to

“Change your login e-mail” (this will change your rewards & login e-mail address).

You may also visit us at the store or call us at (508) 481-6511 and speak to a member of our team.

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How do I add/remove other phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses for my rewards account?

Accounts may only have one e-mail, but may have multiple phone numbers associated with a rewards
account. You can add/remove them only by visiting us at the store or calling us at (508) 481-6511
and speak to a member of our team.

Currently you may not add/remove phone numbers online. You may not remove the e-mail address
on an account (but can change it) as it is necessary to login to your online account.

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Can I use the same phone number/e-mail for multiple reward accounts?

No, a phone number/e-mail address may only be associated with one rewards account.

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We are constantly striving to give our customers quality and value in all that we do and will
continue to improve our S.H.O.P. Rewards Club.

If there are any questions or concerns please contact us at:

(508) 481 - 6511 or visit us at the store.

Southborough House of Pizza

5 Main Street

Southborough, MA 01772